Content marketing for accountants. Is it a good idea? Does it really work?

Are you looking to grow your accounting firm, but feel stuck relying on referrals?

A good strategy could be content marketing, which helps build a relationship and provide value up front. Check out this video below to learn more:

This video breaks down specifically the value in content marketing for accountants.

The finance and accounting business is a TRUST business where word of mouth and referrals play a major role but when it is time to go beyond referrals to gain new clients, content marketing is the most effective strategy

Unlike cold calls and advertising, content marketing is inviting and understandable which inevitably builds trust.

The Biggest Challenge in Marketing for Accounting Firms

The biggest challenge for your accounting firm marketing is differentiation. Most businesses believe that all CPAs and accounting professionals are the same.

It’s not true, but it’s what many believe.

So your marketing is not just about telling people you can do their accounting. They already believe that. You have to stand out. And there are several ways you can stand out: 

  1. By speaking directly to their issues
  2. By having a unique, authentic voice
  3. By providing value up front. Teach them something, and establish trust

Keep Your Marketing Simple

Many times, businesses overcomplicate marketing. There is so much noise out there, and so many different tools and strategies. But the core of successful marketing is this:

  1. You know your audience
  2. You have a solid message for that audience
  3. You can get your message in front of the audience

Content marketing is an essential component in this process. When you communicate your value, it’s just a matter of taking that content to your crowd.

Providing a valuable message up front will not only establish trust, but also create leads for your firm.

Who does this benefit? Everyone involved! If your client is hesitant to ask questions or does not fully understand the whole process, they can easily read an article that explains how it works, understands where they are coming from and what they are struggling with. Once they trust, it’s only a matter of time before they approach you and maybe even work with you. 


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