Updated February 2021

Most people only create content when they’re feeling inspired, but a much better approach is to stay consistent!

Five reasons staying consistent matters:

1.Consistency helps you to continue to improve. When you’re creating regularly, it forces you to think through different angles of your business and improve it if necessary.

2.Consistency ensures you are publishing. Creating deadlines and sticking to them is a sure way to get content out there.

3. Consistency helps your SEO. Search engines are looking for authenticity, consistency and knowing you have authority in your space. Having internal and external links on your site makes your content more relevant. 

4.Consistency keeps you top of mind. Content marketing creates brand awareness, which leads to referrals and leads coming through.

5.Consistency demonstrates trustworthiness. When you are publishing on a regular basis, it shows clients that you are dedicated to your work and reliable.

To learn more about the benefits of consistency in content marketing watch this video.

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